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Simple Color Picker

Recently i saw the post of the “Fucking Color Picker” on hackernews. As some pointed out in the comments, it is a huge 55 MB download (and 120 MB extracted) for a simple tool.

It is kind of crazy and a glimpse what’s wrong in software business today. Features and abstractions before performance.

But I wont get into detail instead, here it is the Simple Color Picker a 3 MB color picker for Linux & Windows.


It only starts needs one process (instead of 3), 30 MB Ram (instead of 180 MB) and actually does return the correct color.

Colorpickers - top is the set color. left the fucking color picker with wrong rgb values and left the SimpleColorPicker

Of course it has some drawbacks but I wouldn’t been much faster with electron and its feels a lot saner for a tool of this size. The color swatches are missing because I hadn’t so much time in my first days of perental leave as imagined 😊